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Google Ads to instantly boost traffic

Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) is a great online marketing strategy for getting you online business off to a good start by getting some instant traffic your site.

When people go to Google, they are looking for something specific like something to buy. This means that they have a specific intent, when they type in queries, they are telling you what they want to buy.

That’s why Google Ads are so powerful, the best Search Engine Marketing yet.

Do you want to use Google Ads for your business?

here is how i will help you

Google Ads Landing Page Audit
landing page audit

I’ll start by reviewing your campaign landing page, your website to assess if the page or the site is optimised for maximum conversion.

Google Ads Keyword Research
keyword research

This entails the target keyword research for the specific campaign, services, or products you want to promote. I’ll look at your competitors target keywords if they are already running Google Ads.

Google Ads Ad Copy
ad copy

I’ll write ad copies that ensures your customers engagement, and that are SEO friendly with Google Ads quality scores in mind.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up
campaign set up

This involves setting up the Google Ads. Here I’ll focus on the campaign structure, audience, location, bids etc. I’ll set up extensions such as site links, call outs etc to make your ads standout.

Google Ads Optimisations

I’ll review Google recommendations, search terms, auction insights and optimise on daily basis to maximise the ads performance. This will involve adding new keywords, adding negative keywords, tweaking ad copies.

Google Ads Daily Tracking

I’ll make sure Google tracking code is installed on the landing page, Google Ads account is integrated with Google Analytics to make sure I have all the data needed to optimise and report on performance.

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